Rap Grammar Tips: Mac Lethal Speeds By Strunk & White

Posted By on June 3, 2012

The link between rap and poetry has been made in abundance; the link between rap and grammar, not so much.

But that was before Mac Lethal, a Kansas City rapper, mounted his jihad against illiterate idiots who say “Your a ho” when they really mean “You’re a ho.”

Aided by handy typewritten cue cards bearing the words YOUR and YOU’RE, Mac Lethal delivers a rapid-fire rap to the tune of Somebody I Used to Know, taking aim at Internet trolls who sound off in Web forums but can’t tell a possessive from a contraction.

He offers up a handy mnemonic for how to keep the two straight: “Look, this one belongs to you / and this one is something that you are, it’s true.”

What I’d like him to address next is the misuse of “Whose my baby?” for “Who’s my baby?”

A free Tupac download if Mr. Lethal also addresses “Howz it my baby?”

Warning: grammatically correct bad language.