How Harriet the Spy Helps You Show Up in LinkedIn Search Engine Results

Posted By on April 16, 2014

Google = Search. Right? Yes, if you need to find a black box in the Internet information sea. But LinkedIn is awash in data, too, and has a search engine to help us navigate it, and just as importantly, introduce ourselves to others. Unlike Google, we create much of the LinkedIn data through our profiles, […]

Tone Down the Megaphone: A Few Product Launch Tips

Posted By on February 18, 2014

I, too, have the compressed-disc badge of honor earned from working 12 hours a day in a cubicle to meet one launch deadline after another. So of course I liked it when a VP called out my team’s good work when the company rolled out a product. Back-slapping, though, is a snooze. Instead of bragging, […]

Make a Blog Zing by Sharing Your Humanity

Posted By on February 10, 2014

Back in 1958, according to Pew Research, 73% of Americans said they believed most of what their government told them. In 2014, only 19% do. This pervasive distrust hurts more than the politicians, It has a truly negative effect on businesses trying to sell products and services. And naturally, it hurts people who want to […]

The Top 5 Content Stategy Round-Ups for 2013

Posted By on December 24, 2013

Right about now my blogger brain is groggy from having cranked out content for the past 51 weeks (Ok, Cynthia posts more than I do). To prevent further dopiness, I’m turning to an easy topic (I thought) that all media outlets pull out this time of year–the best XXX of 2013. But I’m going meta. […]

Create a Blog: Two Heads are Better Than One

Posted By on December 9, 2013

Just get it down and we’ll work with it. Maxwell Perkins Business people in our classes don’t just want to know how to create a blog—they want to know how to blog fast. Time is short. Writing something worth reading can be a long process. Our advice to writers is to multiply by two. Don’t […]

Round-Up Posts: What to Do When You’re Stuck

Posted By on November 26, 2013

As a blogger, sooner or later you’ll run into a roadblock–you’ll have no idea what to write. Naturally, drawing a blank happens most when you HAVE to meet a deadline. Rather than wringing your hands and whining, try writing a round-up post–a simple list on one topic.

How to Promote Your Business Blog on Social Media — or Not

Posted By on November 19, 2013

(This is part two of a series on starting a blog for your business. We weigh in on this topic on a random basis but we think it’s worth the wait. Part one offers you Five Tips on How to Start a Business Blog.) Lots of people thought social media would make blogs go dark […]

Blog Writing 101: Headlines Should Tell People What They’ll Learn

Posted By on November 13, 2013

People in our classes get all in a twist when we turn on our timer and ask them to do blog writing exercises in five minutes. Creativity on demand? Churn out a headline?! The horror! The horror! The trick is to make the headline forecast what the reader will learn. Today’s 42-second video features Emily […]

Business Email Tips: How to Avoid Inbox Train Wrecks

Posted By on October 29, 2013

Social media may be the marketing darling of the moment but email is what drives decisions and to-do lists in business. I have taught a class in How to Avoid Business Email Train Wrecks for the past couple of years. Corporate types from Daimler Trucks USA in Charlotte and Starbucks global headquarters in Seattle are […]

Use the Evening News to Create Blog Posts Quickly

Posted By on September 25, 2013

In today’s video post, Emily Warn explains a simple way to organize your thinking in order to create blog posts quickly and easily. Using the metaphor of an Evening News show, she divides a blog post into four parts: headline, image, first paragraph, and story. Each component plays a role in engaging the reader and […]