How Social Media is Helping Fight the Biggest Fire in Washington State’s History

Posted By on July 29, 2014

We stopped to fill up in Marblemount, the last town with gas before we headed up and over the Cascade Mountains. Inside the minimart, the cashier was losing her mind. Every person who walked in wanted information about the Washington State’s largest ever wildfire raging out of control on the other side of the mountains. […]

Circulating Poetry on Social Media

Posted By on May 28, 2014

I went on way too long about my pet peeve when someone asked me about the negative impacts of social media on poetry. I was at the Skagit Poetry Festival on a panel about technology and the future of poetry. Many poets believe that social media will catapult them into the limelight if they learn […]

Worried About Following More People Than Follow You? Try Twitter Lists.

Posted By on April 1, 2014

The Scobleizer! Sounds like a blender, right? If you’re a tech startup, a thumbs up or down from Robert Scoble will smooth your way or pulverize you. To know what’s up in high tech, you must follow him. But right now I have more followers than people who follow me. On Twitter the reverse is everyone’s goal. I […]

Thanks? Say No Thanks on Twitter and Facebook

Posted By on October 24, 2013

Your mother taught you to always write a thank you, right? So why is “thanks for the follow” little more than digital wall paper on social media? The Nordstrom’s tweet above feels automated. There’s no clue that it comes from a real human being. And so no way forge a connection with the person you’re […]

Why You Should Waste Time on Twitter

Posted By on October 2, 2013

My friend Annie Pearson (aka E.A. Stewart, the historical fiction author) believes the best way to sell books on Twitter is not to sell them. That’s not really new news around here. We advise people who ask us how to use Twitter to pursue their interests on social media rather than market, market, market. Annie […]

Why Even Boring People Can Build Followings—They Remember their Business Cards

Posted By on September 11, 2013

I forget so often that Cynthia carries some of mine in her purse. Last night I remembered to stuff some in my wallet before I went to the Content Strategy Meetup hosted by SURF Incubator in Seattle, and got lucky. At the raffle, they pulled one of mine from a fishbowl and I won the […]

How Susan Orlean Built A Posse of 260,000+ Twitter Followers

Posted By on August 21, 2013

When writer and social media rock star Susan Orlean was in town for the Seattle Arts & Lectures series, we had a candid conversation about how she built a following of, at last count, 263,200 people. The single most important reason–she loves Twitter! Her knack for connecting with people also strengthens her author platform and […]

Facebook Hashtags?! What They Are and How to Use Them

Posted By on August 13, 2013

Some people are tweeting mad about Facebook’s foray into hashtags. Isn’t that thievery? Well, no. Twitter didn’t invent hashtags, and Facebook’s version meets a need that Twitter hashtags can’t fulfill.

How to Twitter: Advice from a Tweeter with 44 Followers

Posted By on August 6, 2013

(Or, How I learned to Twitter when I stopped trying to innovate and fell in line with other cat lovers) Google “how to Twitter,” and you’ll instantly get a thousand+ articles written by smart, experienced people on how to utilize Twitter to effectively build your business, personal profile, or philanthropic cause. These articles present findings […]

How to Build a Reputation in 20 Tweets or Less

Posted By on July 30, 2013

I hadn’t heard of Jack Underwood until today. All it took was one tweet from @Don_Share, a poetry reputation-maker, which pointed me to an article about Jack’s 20 tenets of poetry in 20 tweets. Those 20 tweet-beliefs could be the difference between Jack building a reputation as a poet and writer, and so on to […]