Content Writing Tips from the Beast of Boom

Like everyone else in Seattle, Seahawk and Super Bowl fever has infected me. This is pretty funny because I hadn’t watched an NFL football game for 35 years before I saw the NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and the Packers. Back in my twenties, I lived with a betting-obsessed football nut who used to […]

Writing We Like: School of Visual Concepts

We like the constantly updated mix of creative news on SVC’s Facebook page. Creative job listings, graphic design tips, HTML goodies, copywriting expertise; if it’s worth passing along, they’re on it. We also like the warm, friendly voice that tells you a human—and humane—being is posting.

Slate Magazine Blogs

Unlike HuffPo, you can’t blog on Slate without nearly winning a Pulitzer for your other work. (Read Slate, too, if you want to study consistently fine writing.) My favorites are BrowBeat, Slate’s culture blog, and Procrastinate Better, Slate’s “Guide to Consuming Culture.” Notice the catchy title—just as important as Google keyword ads for attracting an […]

Sound Experience

Sound Experience recently blew the lid off of the National Historic Trust competition. Their social media strategy, dedicated volunteers and crew made a huge difference.

Galley Cat

An insider’s blog on the publishing industry. It’s so “insider” that publishers like to leak their news here, much the way the White House sometimes leaks the news to the New York Times. If you really want to know which publishing houses have traded marketing VPs or how much of an advance your favorite author […]

Theo Chocolate

This Seattle chocolatier does a great job of generating interest, intimacy and community.


And the God of the Internet said, “Let there be Gawker,” and there was Gawker. All the best writers in New York just needed somewhere to show off their scorchingly wicked wit—anonymously, of course. They don’t want to lose their day jobs at the New Yorker. Visit Gawker to read great writing disguised as gossip. […]

Samizdat Blog

English professor and poet Robert Archambeau is one of the funniest literary critics you’ll read anywhere. And he updates his blog with quips, profiles, and commentary. His is a good model even if your blog is about cooking or fossil digging.

Guy Kawasaki

Very intelligent writer and business leader.

Midge Raymond

This blogger from Ashland, Oregon, offers up interesting articles on writing.