Creative Services

Two Pens blogs and posts for companies as large as Microsoft and as small as two-person consultancies. We specialize in writing and creating graphic content for all social networks. We’ve built award-winning websites and created online and offline campaigns. Our team of writers and social media community managers can supply the talent you need to tap the power of social media or train your teams in these writing skills.

We Teach Your Teams the Tricks of Writing Content and Finding Branding Building Imagery

Two Pens frequently presents on-site writing seminars to corporations and small businesses as well as not-for-profit organizations. We like to meet with you before we schedule a training so that we can understand the problems and issues you’d like us to address. We’ll come back to you with a proposal for a workshop that’s tailored to your industry and what your people need to learn.

We typically book half-day or full-day sessions, but can teach short, multiple-day sessions if you are close to Seattle. We teach all over the United States.

All topics related to developing graphics and content from both sides of the brain are fair game for in-house seminars. Large corporations consistently book classes on Writing Business Proposals, Effective Email, and How to Rock a Presentation. Starbucks often books How to Evaluate (and Encourage) Creative for its product managers. And small business owners frequently book Grow Your Following: How to Write for Social Media. We can provide you with a full list of possible classes. Just email and we’ll be happy to provide you with more details.


Social Media Blogging and Posting

Two Pens develops social media strategies that help your organization reach your customers and build communities. Successful strategies depend on writing content designed to get shared across a network. Our skilled writers craft blog posts, select images, and post everywhere from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram. Our goal is to get Liked, shared and re-tweeted; help you invent your online brand; and increase your social media profile. Two Pens’ specialty is making social media work hand-in-hand with SEO to reach huge audiences.
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Two Pens has extensive branding experience. Our services include brand strategy, naming, logo design and graphic standards. We’ve named many new entities (Sound Transit, for example, and its products, Link, Sounder and ST Express); rebranded old ones (we handled the transition from WPPSS to Washington Energy); and conceived hundreds of new products identities, from Armstrong floors to Peterbilt Trucks to Microsoft Development Network cloud, mobile and web apps.

Recently, Two Pens worked with Microsoft Developer Network to develop names and graphic identities for resources in the MSDN developer archive.