Grow Your Twitter Following with Great Writing about…an Office Vasectomy?

Posted By on July 20, 2012

Example of a mundane tweet

Yes, even bathroom graffiti is fair game for tweets ©2012 Cynthia Hartwig

Remember the good old days when you could tweet about inhaling a greasy chili dog and your ‘tweeps would be OK about getting a glimpse of your exciting gastro-life? Now that Twitter has grown more sophisticated (dare I say discriminating?), people who tweet boring status updates like “I am at 4th and Vine,” or “Just ordered a Caesar salad with a diet Coke,” make us yawn.

But before you dismiss the “status update” as dead as the do-do, consider a basic tenet of memoir writing: Writers get no credit for living a life of hell. We only get credit for how we tell the tale.
Consider Joshu P. Simon’s report of a recent diaper change.


Joshua could have tweeted “I changed my kid’s stinky diaper.” But instead, Joshua, a writer of fantasy fiction, used his writerly wit to turn ordinary yuck into odoriferous metaphor

Bern Morley transformed an ordinary trip to the mall into Twitter existentialism worthy of (and shorter than) Camus. Note how Bern improved her tweet with a clever hashtag.


Remember that just about any normal activity is an opportunity for creativity. Here’s how a brilliant creative director, Kurt Reifschneider, went Christmas tree shopping.


Here’s how smart and clever Michael C. Miller, Creative Director at Verathon in Seattle, enjoyed the eye doctor.


I like the sage advice on tweeting from Susan Orlean, a writer who knows her social media.


Tweets are quick and fleeting but the instantaneous nature of Twitter is no excuse for lackluster writing. If you reward readers with funny and insightful content, I guarantee you’ll grow your following. And if you follow any of the folks in this post or others on my list of “TwitWits,” you’ve got some great role models to aspire to.

Just don’t forget that hell is story friendly.