Wrap, Cook, Be Cheerful AND Facebook? How to Avoid Social Media Fatigue During the Holidays

Posted By on December 26, 2012

Don't worry. Stay merry with this tip on preventing social media burnout

Don’t worry. Stay merry with this tip on preventing social media burnout

Recently, a client asked if blogs were dead? Dead? Really? Without a blog, Facebook and Twitter are so many empty calories. You might have hundreds of followers and friends, but do they really know you? Ephemeral content and interaction is just that—fleeting.

But a blog without social media is a rich meal served to you alone—no one reads it. Gone are the day of Jules and Julia when blogging about coq au vin could lead to a movie contract. Blogs are dead if you think of them as destinations and not conversations.

But how can you create content both for your blog and social media accounts without burning out? Use your tweets and updates about blog posts to invite interaction on social media, rather than just using social media to link back to your blog.

Click-thru & Interact on Facebook

Take a look at this Facebook status update for a blog post on the Microsoft OneNote blog. It serves two purposes: to get people to click-thru to the blog and to engage people on Facebook.

Status Update on OneNote Facebook page about post on OneNote blog

Ask questions related to your blog post to encourage people to leave comments on Facebook

The update focuses on engaging people on Facebook first. It asks a question about what people might be doing right now — planning a summer vacation. And it’s related to one of OneNote’s purposes: helping people keep journals about stuff they do. To learn how to do that, it links people to a blog post with instructions.

But the update doesn’t end there. It asks the first question in a different, more direct and conversational way. Tell us where you are headed. That’s easy to answer and personal—a perfect strategy for connecting with people on Facebook.

Next time you post a referral to a blog post on Facebook, write it for both purposes. You’ll save yourself time!