Our Six Most Popular Social Media Tips

Posted By on February 15, 2013

hashtags add creativity

There are more than 1 billion Twitterers and 500 million Facebook users but how many accounts sit idling or out of gas because they don’t know why social media matters?  And don’t forget the lurkers, Luddites, and leery who have yet to join in.

That’s why SO many of our blog posts are geared for those just starting out or are stymied on getting a response to their tweets or status updates.

We looked at our website traffic numbers to discover our most popular social media tips–the posts that provide the information you most want to know and give you insight into why social media matters.  Tell us if they taught you something and what else you’d like to learn.

1.  Short, Shorter, Long: What’s the Ideal Length of a Blog Post?

How long should a blog post be? Short—between 250 & 800 words. But if you learn these tricks to engage readers, your posts can be any length you want.

2.  How to write a creative brief (with help from Pinterest)

A creative brief is a short overview of a creative assignment, describing the audience, creative problem, and the ONE key thing that will solve it. Cynthia shows you how to use Pinterest to create a better brief.

3.  How to Twitter Brand: It’s Different Than Creating a Business Brand

A Twitter brand is not identical with a company brand. It’s much more personal. And it’s more personable because it reveals who you are and what you care about.

4.  Tweet-Talk 101: How to Write Tweets that Start Conversations

Tips on how to write tweets that help you start and join conversations on Twitter.  Includes tips on how to use a #hashtag and @reply.

5.  Twitter 101: Operating Manual for a Tweet

When you’re new to Twitter, you can find followers by listening and responding to others. To do that, you need to learn how to retweet and @reply.

6.  Hashtags #Unhashed

Back in Twitter-yore (eons ago, like maybe three years?), hashtags developed as the signposts that helped people discover breaking news and topics. Think “# + keyword= hashtag.” But don’t let the techie definition fool you. Hashtags are elegant and supple writing tools.