Snide, Snarky, and a Handicapped Parker: Steve Jobs’s Dark Side Didn’t Harm His Brand Appeal

Posted By on November 28, 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs understood the value of using his own personality to sell his products.

He was unafraid to show his crankiness or his inability to suffer fools. Stories about his snarkiness, his impatience, his obsession with minute design details are legendary.

Was there a method to his personality madness?

After he dropped out of Reed College, Steve sat in for free on a class in calligraphy and fell in love with this ancient art. It was the start of a lifelong obsession with graphic design.

It informed his first career at Apple, his later work at Pixar, and then his return to Apple for a second career. His perfectionist personality—he was known to make grown engineers cry at design review time—reflected his drive for design perfection.

What you saw in Steve, the man in front of the giant screen displaying his keynote presentation, and what you saw in the iPod and iPhone and Mac products were all reflections of someone who was unafraid to say, “This is me. This I care about.”

In our classes, we talk a lot about how to use the power of your own personality—your desires, your interests, your values and concerns—in both the virtual and the real world to create a compelling online persona.

Take a lesson from Steve Jobs and convey all of yourself. Not less.