A Camera is an Unsung Creative Writing Tool

Posted By on September 28, 2013

wheel chair girl and boy

My camera is one of the best creative writing tools I own. I caught this couple in love at a campsite outside of Leavenworth, Washington.

I carry a camera around in my purse. It’s as essential to me as my car keys, pen and lip stick. It’s amazing how often serendipity happens during my normal day and I stumble upon something real and powerful that applies to the creative writing that goes into this blog.

Keeping my eyes open and my brain receptive to the world makes me a better writer. Ergo, my recommendation to add a pocket camera–one that’s small and light-weight enough to carry on your person– to your bag of creative writing tools. I carry a Sony RX-100 which has a big, light sensitive chip, and it rarely fails me.

I passed this couple in love on my way to a hike in Washington’s Enchantment mountains a few weeks ago. I had already walked by their camp site when it occurred to me that I had never seen a hulky, healthy man with stars in his eyes for a woman in a wheelchair. So I doubled back and asked permission to snap this shot. “Go ahead!” The girl laughed at me but the man’s eyes never left her. It was a moment that reminded me love is blind. So us creative writers have to keep our eyes open.

Cynthia Hartwig

PS If you use a camera as an aid to your creative writing, tell us about it in the comments. Love to hear your stories.