We Love Our Copy Editor

Posted By on January 24, 2012

Sherri Schultz Copy Editor

Sherri Schultz Copy Editor

If you find a typo—or, horrors, a dangling modifier—on our website, it means that our copy editor, Sherri Schultz, hasn’t read and approved that piece. Sherri “polishes prose to perfection” as part of her editorial services business, Words with Grace, and we count ourselves lucky to be one of her clients. Wouldn’t you brag, too, if you had the same copy editor as Nancy Pearl—you know, the rock-star librarian who wrote Book Lust?

I swear that Sherri didn’t ask me to pitch her. I’m introducing her because she’s wonderful and because I wanted to pass along her recommendation for a writer’s holy bible.

The Best Dictionary

You can’t be a great copy editor unless you have the best, most current dictionary. Sherri’s choice: Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition. “It’s pretty much the standard reference in book publishing. It’s also available for online searching at


(OK, Sherri, where do you put the closing quotation mark if the sentence ends in a URL? Asking editors this type of question is like asking film critics which Alfred Hitchcock movie they prefer—each one is likely to have a different view.)

(Sherri says: Ladies, the Two Pens style sheet says you prefer to delete the “http://www.” from URLs—so I’d do so, then run the sentence in: “It’s also available for online searching at merriam-webster.com.”)